Twin Passions

I don’t want to go back to life as it was before the pandemic. Life has been slower, simpler, and my priorities have been chastened. I’ve been inspired by the twin passions I find in the Lord’s Prayer.

2 thoughts on “Twin Passions

  1. Lenna thank you for that word. I had such a smile on my face as I listened to it. On Sunday night I was in at least two break out rooms with Angel. I am in awe for her succinct and fluent prayers. What can I add? My words seem a jumble, so incoherent. Maybe I won’t say anything… and then I ended up saying “I hope that they know when to say no’. Thankfully Julyan or you quipped a positive comment and I didn’t feel so stupid. I often feel like that at Lifegroup with Anne Harrison and .Kate and Isobel Barber. There first words when they were born were probably hallelujah! So thanks for that gentle reminder. Much love Mary

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