Royal Warrant

A new King brings changes – 800 businesses that had a royal warrant to supply her majesty with her choice products lost it on her death, and must reapply. Will King Charles still favour Twinnings Tea, Cadbury’s Chocolate, Heinz Tomato Sauce, Kelloggs cornflakes and Tiptree jam? Perhaps he will be more concerned about how ‘green’ a company’s practices are and a product’s environmental sustainability. So, who will get King Charles’ seal of approval?

Seal of Approval

I’m glad I don’t have to prove my worth in order to win my king’s seal of approval. The King of Kings, Jesus Christ, has sealed me with his Holy Spirit and I did nothing to deserve it. The Apostle Paul says it happened when I heard the gospel message and believed (Ephesians 1:13-14), and this seal of approval is a down payment – a pledge of much more to come. It’s part of my inheritance – eternal life, begun now. How amazing is that? My destiny is secure. I never need to reapply!

The Real Thing

Seals show ownership, authenticity and protect a product from being tampered with. When Coca-Cola boasted they were, ‘The Real Thing’, they were right, because Coca-Cola had a royal warrant and therefore the Queen’s seal of approval. What now for Coca-Cola? Perhaps, like me, King Charles prefers Pepsi-max!

Our Holy Spirit seal marks us as God’s own, shows we are ‘the real thing’ helping us walk the walk and talk the talk, living lives of integrity. We come with a guarantee – the Holy Spirit in our hearts (2 Corinthians 1:22).

Chosen and Appointed

The prestige of a royal warrant is a highly prized sought after privilege. The King of Kings tells us that he has chosen us. We may feel that we chose Christ, but without God drawing us to himself, it would have been impossible (John 6:44). Not only are we chosen, but Jesus has appointed us, given us his royal warrant to supply him with fruit (John 15:16)!

Fruit Bearers

So, what are we bringing to the King? The fruit of love is clearly his desire, obedience to his command to love one another, that all will recognise we follow him. Then there’s the joyful fruit of answered prayer and the making of new followers who also bear fruit for the King.

Much has been made of the Queen’s commitment to service, and the link to her faith in Jesus who came, not to be served, but to serve. We serve and love others because of the love we have received. Our King first loved us (1 John 4:19). And, the royal warrant to bear fruit is not about our prestige, rather it’s for the honour and glory of God as together we supply him with the sweetest of jams!

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  1. Lenna I have just reread your email/ blog. When it pops into my in box I am always pleased and read it expectantly. And even reread it😃. Thanks. I hope you are both well. Love Mary

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