God in the earthquake -3 things you won’t hear on the news

In the book of Acts chapter 16 Paul and Silas were in Philippi, wrongly accused and sitting in leg irons. At night while they were praising God in the prison, there was a violent earthquake.

God did 3 things then that he’s doing in Turkey now.

Setting his church free

The prison doors opened and Paul and Silas’ feet were freed from their shackles (v26). In these desperate days the Turkish churches are experiencing a new liberty in serving. They are united in their efforts, and though small they are rising up, forming their own NGO, running soup kitchens, networking for resources and channelling aid.

Opening hard hearts

In Acts 16, the jailor asks, “What must I do to be saved?” (v30). For many years there has been prayer for the east of Turkey where churches and Christians are few. Now, those experiencing such trauma and hardship are welcoming Scriptures and prayer and Christ’s presence in the believers.

In Iskenderun Pastor Hakan and his wife died in the earthquake, but a book he’d written was found in the rubble, “The Final Moments, Are you Ready?” Just as every disaster is a sign and a warning of God’s coming cataclysmic day of judgement, every believer’s transformed life of love and compassion is a sign of Christ’s coming kingdom.

Changing perceptions

When the magistrates realised Paul and Silas were Roman citizens their attitude changed and they apologised for their harsh treatment (v39). In the 10 earthquake ravaged cities the local councils are showing favour to the churches serving there. It’s as if there’s a new understanding of Christian identity. These people are good, hardworking and trustworthy.

Someone was overheard saying, “These Christians are different. They seem to enjoy serving us, whereas the others just throw aid at us.”


May God give strength and stamina to his church to be his loving presence.
May many find hope and comfort in the true and ultimate Rescuer, Jesus Christ.
May new perceptions of Christianity open the country for massive church growth.

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