Refresh and Rebuild

We have the original, classic, now vintage ‘Dark Shark’ Lego pirate ship. For almost 25 years it has sat on top of a book shelf along with our children’s favourite teddies and toys.

Disaster struck when our cat, Sevgi, decided to knock it down, shattering it into almost 1000 pieces. Without the box or instruction manual, we turned to Google and then to YouTube. The Lego enthusiasts reviewing this ship, known as ‘The Barracuda’ in the US, brought tears to my eyes.

Treasuring the Whole

I learned I had never fully appreciated what we had. This big vessel, Lego set 6285, was the first of its kind and is truly unique. It was a long build, requiring patience that was rewarded with a majestic galleon festooned with red and white sails, synonymous with pirates, and a wonderful scale with room to move the 8 small detailed figures around.

As I watched and listened to those reviewing Lego set 6285, their love of this ship was obvious and their desire to tell others all about it was infectious. It made me reflect on how I feel about my Christian faith. I don’t want to take it for granted but really appreciate what I’ve received. I want to love Jesus, the alpha and the omega of my life, enough to want everyone to know and love him too.

Treasuring each Part

How well those who love ‘Dark Shark’ know their ship! Each part is beautiful in itself. The canons that peek out from the lower deck, the mini-figures that can climb the rigging, the captain at the wheel with his peg leg, hook and parrot and the monkey hanging from a halyard. Then there’s the treasure chest. I didn’t know that 6285 has 16 pieces of gold in its treasure chest – more than any later model!

Refresh and Rebuild

As I gathered the scattered pieces I realised how grubby the ship had become with just the occasional dust over the years. It has now been through a wash cycle and as a family we are in the process of rebuilding. What pleasure there is in finding parts and piecing them together, discovering aspects of this model that we’d either forgotten or never understood. It’s quite a puzzle and is going to take a while.

I do want to give time in my life to think deeply about my faith. What pleasure there is in understanding how the Bible fits together and how its truths impact my life. I know that I can spend the rest of my days plowing its depths. May my Christian faith never ‘sit on the shelf’ gathering dust, but may I keep it fresh by taking time to ponder and by sharing my love and joy with others.

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